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Eccentric feed production line

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The special pet feed production line consists of a powder mixer, a twin screw extruder, an air blower, a dryer, and a coating machine. The production line operation is simple, easy to learn, and precise parameter control ensures that the product is completed within specific temperature, pressure, humidity, and time. Reasonable structural design, special materials, and fast self-cleaning performance ensure the stability of the machinery and facilitate maintenance. This production line can use various raw materials such as grains, meat meal, fish meal, beans, etc. to produce staple feed suitable for raising turtles, birds, lizards, guinea pigs and other exotic pets.

Process Flow:
Raw Material Mixing——Elevating——Extrusion-Pneumatic ——Conveying——Drying——Elevating-Sifting——Oil Spraying and Flavoring——Cooling

Line Process:
1. Raw material preparation/mixing: Various raw materials are ground and mixed with other ingredients.
2. Twin-screw extruder: The mixed material is extruded through a twin-screw extruder and subjected to high-temperature maturation.
3. Drying: The material will be dried through the oven.
4. Seasoning: The material is coated with animal and fish-flavored oils and other ingredients through a single-drum seasoning line.
5. Cooling: Finally, the material is cooled to produce the desired pet food or aquafeed.

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