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Euro standard twin screw extruder (fully functional)

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Euro standard twin screw extruder (fully functional)

The screw is a building block structure, and the material adopts a special alloy with high strength and high wear resistance. The helix adopts the principle of full meshing model, three-dimensional design, number control processing, surface cleaning, high precision, and good self-cleaning. The screw core shaft is a involute spline key, and the transmission torque is large. It is convenient to install and remove the screw rod.

The extruder cavity adopts multiple blocks. Each cavity can independently control the temperature, and there are heating and cooling channels. According to the user's requirements, steam and electric heating can be used, and the temperature is automatically controlled.

The main motor, feeder, cutter, and liquid feed system of the extruder are all used for variable frequency speed adjustment. The extruder system adopts PLC control, and the touch screen controls the man-machine operation terminal. The picture is clear and intuitive.


Textured Protein/High-moisture Protein Food Production Line

Breadcrumbs(or Irregular Shape) Production Line

Nutrition Powder/Baby RiceCereal Production Line

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