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Pet aquatic feed production line

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Fish feed Aquatic feed production line

The feeding stuff process line, made by the Jinan Saixin Machinery Co., features a reasonable design, high automation and precise control of extruding/ puffing parameters. It adapts an innovative conditioner design with single axis or double axes conditioning of differential speed to enhance maturin effect of the feeding stuff. It uses a new extruder structure to suit different materials such as grain, bean cake, fish flour, bone flour, meat flour etc, and makes them into grainwise shapes with high- temperature, moisture and extruding pressure, products of various sizes, shapes, tastes and nutrition ingredients are available to satisfy the requirement of different livestock and acqutic products. The products of the device have even appearances, high maturing degree, good nutrition, fine tissue with easy digestion.

Thanks to the incherent performance of the extruder the puffed feeding stuff products have different puffing effects by adjusting the process parameters of the extruder. The puffed feeding stuff has three advantages over ordinary one.

1.  More crispy to facilitating chew.

2.  Excellence mature degree to facilitating digestion.

3.  Owing to specific weight being changed by extruding the fish feeding stuff fabricated by the process line can be chosen to realized foating or sinking to suit fish eating in different water deoth.

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